Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for the Meeting of February 5, 2024

Here’s the agenda.

The evening kicks off with a modest, 12-item consent agenda. Of note, CA-2, $534k for golf course equipment.

There are two public hearings on the docket this evening. PH-1/DS-1 is a resolution to approve fees for the Fire Department ambulance transport and lift assists. PH-2 is for the Stone School Road Sidewalk Special Assessment. There are no ordinance first readings tonight.

On to the Resolutions. DC-1 is a resolution to approve a liquor license for Hearsay Inc at 2350 W. Liberty. DC-2 is a resolution to approve a liquor license for AOC North Ann Arbor Opco LLC, a continuing care and retirement center at 1901 Plymouth Road.

Agenda ItemMayor TaylorDisch (Ward 1)Harrison (Ward 1)Song (Ward 2)Watson (Ward 2)Radina (Ward 3)Ghazi-Edwin (Ward 3)Eyer (Ward 4)Akmon (Ward 4)Briggs (Ward 5)Cornell (Ward 5)

Appointments - Confirmations


Resolution to Approve a Request from Hearsay, Inc. for a New Micro Brewer, Small Wine Maker, and Small Distiller Liquor License and an Entertainment Permit to be Located at 2350 W. Liberty Street


Resolution to Approve a Request from AOC North Ann Arbor Opco, LLC for a New Nonpublic Continuing Care Retirement Center Liquor License, Issued Under MCL 436.1545(b)(ii) to be Located at 1901 Plymouth Road, d/b/a Atria Park of Ann Arbor

DS-1 - Motion to Postpone by Harrison

Resolution to Approve Fees for the Fire Department Ambulance Transport and Lift Assists And Appropriate Funding (8 Votes Required)

Voting Chart

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