Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for the Meeting of June 5, 2023

Here’s the agenda.

This meeting kicks off with a 23-item consent agenda. CA-1CA-2, and CA-3 are street closures for the YMCA Community Block Party (June 10), The Event on Main (June 22), and the Townie Street Party (July 16). 

There are no public hearings nor ordinance second readings tonight, but there are three ordinance first readings.  C-1 changes the rules around impounded bicycles. Currently if they are unclaimed after 1 month, the AAPD can sell them. This ordinance change would allow them to be donated to a non-profit in the city. C-2 repeals the portion of the city’s tenants rights code that requires landlords to provide tenants with a tenants rights booklet and information about voter registration. This comes after the city of Ypsilanti was sued by five Ypsilanti landlords (Ian Greenlee, Stewart Beal, Karen Maurer, C. Hedger Breed, and Robert Barnes) for a similar provision in that city’s rental ordinance. C-3 is an ordinance to add a chapter on Human Pet Adoption to the city code.

There are 8 resolutions. DC-1 is a resolution to reappoint non-resident electors to city boards and commissions. DC-2 is a resolution to direct planning commission to prioritize TC1 for the Plymouth and Washtenaw Corridors. DC-3 is a resolution to dissolve the Council of the Commons, after the council voted to recommend dissolution at their last meeting. DC-4 revises the 2023 council meeting calendar. DC-5 revises council rules to allow people to sign up for public comment by topic until 4pm. DC-6 authorizes the City Attorney to initiate and pursue legal action on behalf of the city. DC-7 directs the administrator to evaluate bonding the affordable housing millage. DC-8 is a resolution directing the city administrator to identify incentives that would support voluntary efforts to increase emissions reductions. And finally, DC-9 is a resolution to approve a memorandum of understanding between the city and the Economic Development of the City.

Agenda ItemMayor TaylorDisch (Ward 1)Harrison (Ward 1)Song (Ward 2)Watson (Ward 2)Radina (Ward 3)Ghazi-Edwin (Ward 3)Eyer (Ward 4)Akmon (Ward 4)Briggs (Ward 5)Cornell (Ward 5)

Appointments - Confirmations

C-1 - Motion to Approve on First Reading by Akmon

An Ordinance to Amend Section 10:176 of Chapter 127 (Bicyclists) of Article III (Impounding) of Title X (Traffic) of the Ann Arbor City Code

C-2 - Motion to Approve on First Reading by Cornell

An Ordinance to Repeal Section 8:525(2) of Chapter 105 (Housing Code) of Title VIII (Building Regulations) of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor

C-3 - Motion to Approve on First Reading by Cornell

An Ordinance to Add Chapter 92 (Humane Pet Acquisition) to Title VII of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor


Resolution to Reappoint Non-resident Electors to Ann Arbor Boards and Commissions (7 Votes Required)


Resolution Directing the Planning Commission to Prioritize Rezoning of the Plymouth and Washtenaw Corridors to TC1


Resolution to Dissolve the Council of the Commons


Resolution to Revise 2023 Council Calendar


Resolution to Approve Amendments to the Council Rules


Resolution Authorizing the City Attorney to Initiate and Pursue Litigation or Other Legal Action on Behalf of the City of Ann Arbor

DC-7 - Motion to Approve as Amended by Song

Resolution to Direct the City Administrator to Evaluate Bonding Affordable Housing Millage Revenue

DC-7 - Motion to Amend by Radina

Added a Whereas clause supported by the attorney’s office and the housing commission.

DC-8 - Motion to Approve as Amended by Briggs

Resolution Directing City Administrator to Identify Incentives that Would Support Voluntary Efforts to Increase Emissions Reductions

DC-8 - Motion to Amend by Briggs

Added second resolved clause to direct the city administrator to provide a progress report on development review to incentivize emissions reductions by the end of the year.


Resolution to Approve a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Ann Arbor and the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Ann Arbor

Voting Chart

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