Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for the Meeting of July 18, 2022

This is a relatively light agenda. There are three nominations, twelve items on the Consent Agenda, two ordinance changes at their first reading, no public hearings or ordinances at their second reading, and two resolutions. One person resigned from Renters’ Commission due to moving out of the city. CM Eyer was absent, which is why there’s no voting data for her.

Of particular interest:

  • CA-11, a resolution to remove parking on Barton and install bike lanes, was postponed in 2019 to await the results of the Lower Town Mobility Study which has since completed.
  • C-2, an ordinance to alter minimum parking requirements.
  • DC-1, a resolution to continue doing checks for compliance with our prevailing wage ordinance.

One note on MC-1, 2, and 3: CM Hayner often votes against mayoral appointments. In the case of MC-3, the Mayor announced that it was unanimous, so I’ve given him a “yes” vote on that, but on MC-1 and MC-2, they were voice votes and Hayner’s vote is not visible on camera. I’ve left them as “?” until the clerk’s minutes are finalized or we can otherwise confirm the votes.

Agenda ItemMayor TaylorDisch (Ward 1)Hayner (Ward 1)Song (Ward 2)Griswold (Ward 2)Radina (Ward 3)Grand (Ward 3)Eyer (Ward 4)Nelson (Ward 4)Briggs (Ward 5)Ramlawi (Ward 5)

Mayoral Appointments: Peter Houk to Transportation Commission


Mayoral Appointments: Kristina Glusac to the Zoning Board of Appeals


Mayoral Appointments: Nicholas Roumel to the Renters Commission


An Ordinance to Amend Section 5.16.3.G, 5.20.10 and 5.30.1 of Chapter 55 (Unified Development Code) of Title V of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor (Marijuana Licenses, Trees in the Right-of-Way, Landscape Modifications) (ORD-22-xx)


An Ordinance to Amend Sections 5.16.1.A, 5.16.2.A, 5.16.2.B, 5.16.3.J, 5.16.3.P, 5.16.4.B, 5.16.6.C, 5.16.6.G, and to repeal and replace Section 5.19 of Chapter 55 (Unified Development Code) of Title V of Code of the City of Ann Arbor - (Amend Parking Standards)


Resolution Directing the City Administrator to Expand Compliance Evaluations and to Continue to Provide Annual Reports Regarding Contractor Compliance with Prevailing Wage Requirements

DC-1 Postponement

Postponing DC-1 until August 4th


Resolution to Organize a Joint Meeting of Interested Individuals from the Environmental Commission, Transportation Commission, Energy Commission, A2ZERO Ambassadors, and other Community Stakeholders to Identify Opportunities for Greater Coordination around Transportation, Pedestrian Safety, and Sustainability Initiatives Related to Sidewalk Expansion and Maintenance

DC-2 Amendment

Add commission on disabilities to the list of groups involved in the special meeting

DC-2 Amendment

Add Hickory Lane (Racket Club) sidewalk project to the list of stuff for the group to work on.

DC-2 Recusal

Recusal for CM Grand due to racket club interest in Hickory Lane

DC-2 Amendment

Remove final resolved clause for the city administrator to evaluate members of commissions.

Voting Chart

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